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    Stokerized – Archery Stabilizers of Tomorrow – Today!

    | ESOS Boycott Vendors | August 19, 2013

    Here is our first of many to come, ESOS Boycott Vendor.  Please allow me to introduce you to Shawn Lutz of Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions.

    Here is a little something from Shawn himself:

    Here at Stokerized we love to hunt and shoot our bows just like you!stokerized_logo

    Which is why we understand how important it is to have quality accessories that are practical, affordable and superior in functionality. Every product our company design evolves from extensive questioning, reasoning and field testing to ensure that our products are the ultimate in performance.

    Insight, understanding, creativity and good old common sense fuel our passionate company to except nothing less than perfection. Expect more!

    Stokerized is a company with lots of innovative and practical solutions to common misconceptions about how FORCE, TORQUE, MASS AND WEIGHT affect a bow’s dynamic stability. We believe in having sound scientific data behind the products we develop; which is why we utilize proven physics concepts related to vibration and balance in all of our stabilizer designs.

    All of our proprietary technologies are extremely effective in eliminating both static and dynamic torque on a bow while providing excellent balance and stability. When utilizing our proven stabilizing systems you can be confident that you will hold and aim your bow like never before.

    Thanks Shawn for your support and AWESOME Products !  Please be sure to stop by there website and Face Book pages…FB ESOS Vendor Icon  Let them know we really appreciated their support.

    Email Shawn Directly

    Tom McConnell (MyNEOD.com)



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    A tribute to the ESOS Vendors – Starts on 8/19

    | ESOS Boycott Vendors | August 15, 2013

    As a tribute to the ESOS vendors, we will start out with our list of Boycotting Vendors from the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show in Feb (2103) and feature super moonbetween 3 and 5 of them each day here on TheVirtualSportsShow.

    Each Vendor will get a little write up about their company, and links to their website…  We hope that you would take the time to visit the list from time to time as you are looking for products, and consider the companies on that list first when making purchases in the outdoors market.

    These companies, though they received a full refund for there booth space, still lost out on sales they would have made at the show, non refundable plane tickets and hotel accommodations, and were stuck in many cases with an abundance of unsold stock.

    We welcome you and encourage you to share this page with your friends any way you can…  Thanks for your support !

    Tom McConnell (MyNEOD.com)


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    Welcome – New Website Coming in Feb ’14

    | Uncategorized | August 14, 2013

    Hello everyone – Welcome ! to TheVirtualSportsShow.com …

    Over the next several months we will be building this website up to become the greatest online ‘meeting’ place for customers looking to interact with vendors from the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show as well as many other vendors from around the country and the world who followed the Boycott and have pledged their support of the new website.

    This website will not be an online store or eCommerce site, but rather an online community of vendors and outdoors enthusiasts who can interact with each other as if they were attending a sports show.  The site will feature videos, product information, pricing, contact information, Skype meetings, hTVSS FB Photoours of availability, and much much more !

    Since the collapse of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors show and ‘The Virtual Sports Show’ setup by us over at MyNEODClassifieds.com to help the vendors who withdrew from the show and joined the Boycott, we have been working diligently to collaborate with many vendors and technology experts to make this a very interactive and useful tool.

    Please follow us over at our Face Book Page and leave input as to what you would like to see on the new website.  Much of this can be changed and added right now, so let us know what you think.

    We are really looking forward to launching the new website, and plan to launch it in conjunction with the start of The Great American Outdoor Show, Feb 1st, 2014.

    Tom McConnell, III  (MyNEOD.com)

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